Frequently Asked Questions

What teaching experience do you have?

I have been teaching for 17 years! I started in middle school teaching 6th and 8th grade Science and ELA. The next year I moved down to 2nd grade for 4 years followed by 5 years in first grade. Then I went back to middle school to teach Robotics, STEM, and Broadcast. Now I am a technology teacher/coordinator at an Arts Magnet school in Baton Rouge where I just started my fourth year.

Why did you start creating resources?

Creating resources began as a way to share my passion for teaching and hope for inspiring others. I started when I moved to Baton Rouge in 2013 and began teaching at a brand new school with extremely limited resources. I also started my blog, Tech and Teachability (first known as Pride and Primary) that year. I started selling my resources on Teachers Pay Teachers shortly thereafter. I absolutely love creating engaging and effective lessons and activities for the classroom.

How do I sign up to receive your emails?

I would LOVE to share my weekly newsletters with you! You can sign up here:

What is in your newsletter?

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Why the change from just education information?

I didn't want my job to become my life. I was getting swallowed up by just doing teacher things: things for work, things for the classroom, things for other people's classrooms - I was losing out on doing things that I love. Things like baking and cooking and crocheting and knitting and decorating cookies. When I took a step back and realized that my life is more than just being a teacher, I began to feel happier. While I'm still working on bettering myself and I'm not 100% better, I love sharing my journey and struggles with you. Even if no one reads my ramblings, I feel better about focusing on myself.