Back to School Freebies!


  • Craftivity

  • Two mystery pictures using letter and number recognition.

  • Labeling practice

  • make predictions activity and game

  • sorting nouns and verbs

  • practice with addition to 10

  • writing

  • graphing

This flipbook can be adapted to a variety of things:

  • Students can create one as a book or study report.

  • Students can gather vocabulary and spelling words for a book or unit of study.

  • You can create Unit guides.

  • Keep all those handy dandy math formulas and tips and tricks in one place.

  • Use them for test practice.

  • Gather a collection of class favorite books by genre.

  • And so much more!

There are 16 cards with the following questions:

  • -Find a friend with an A in their name.

  • -Find a friend with an L in their name.

  • -Find a friend with white shoes.

  • -Find a friend with black shoes.

  • -Where do broken pencils go?

  • -What is one rule in your new classroom?

  • -How do you answer a question?

  • -Where do you turn in your work?

  • -Find two new friends. Write their names.

  • -What is one thing you want to learn this year?

  • -What is your teacher’s name?

  • -What is your favorite place in your new classroom?

  • -How old are you?

  • -Who was your teacher last year?

  • -How was your first day of school?

  • -What is your favorite school subject?